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Getting Swole in the Sky: Tranpose Introduces The “Flying Gym” Module

Instead of spending your next long haul flight catching up on the last season of “Game of Thrones” why not get in a little yoga? Or limber up with a little resistance training?

While most commercial flights scarcely offer up enough room to sit comfortably, let alone allow for enough room to practice your Warrior II pose, one company is looking to change the way people exercise while flying.

Transpose, a project that comes from Airbus’ Silicon Valley-based A³ outpost, recently unveiled a prototype depicting its vision of a “flying gym.”

Transpose, partnering with Peloton and Reebok, put the in-flight gym on display at Mineta San Jose International Airport. The module stationery bikes, yoga mats, and resistance stations—everything passengers could need to break a sweat.

Not a gym rat? Tranpose’s modular design allows for customized spaces that can be turned into everything from spas to karaoke lounges. However, whether or not these modules are introduced on commercial flights anytime soon remains to be seen. Devin Liddell, a principal brand strategist at Teague said that, “A lot of these concepts don’t really account for the business model of air travel.”

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[Photo: Transpose]

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brocklee9000 May 30, 2017

Hahaha, my thoughts exactly, chx1975. How many seats will be pulled to make room for these, how much will that ramp up ticket prices? They're still going to have to occupy a seat for taxi, takeoff, and landing. And unless the ride is Delta Smooth, good luck actually getting up and riding a stationary bike. And let's not even think of having to sit next to one of these people after they work up a sweat. But all those sticking points aside, yes has anyone actually thought of how this would conform to regulations?

FlyingNone May 28, 2017

"Swole" (headline) ?? ....please define, not in dictionary.

chx1975 May 28, 2017

Did anyone ask the FAA?

zarkov505 May 28, 2017

PLEASE tell us that they are going to include a shower module!

IBJoel May 26, 2017

An idea I can really get behind