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Get $200 Worth of Lyft Rides for $169.99

If you have a Lyft in your future, Costco has a great deal going on right now: four, $50 Ride Credit Lyft eVouchers for just $169.99. That’s $30 off which isn’t a bad deal. There’s a limit of two of these Lyft discounts per Costco Member. The credits do not expire, and they are delivered to your email. How long delivery takes varies, but we’ve heard reports from “pretty much instantly” to a little over two hours, so keep an eye out and plan ahead. And, if you’ve waited longer than two hours, it may pay to check your spam folder or promotions tab.

Even if you don’t use Lyft, they make a great gift idea. The eVouchers can be used by anyone who has Lyft and the promo codes. But, be sure to tell them that you can’t use these Lyft eVouchers on Lyft Bikes or Lyft Scooters.


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BigOAir November 20, 2019

Welp, maybe there's a glitch on Costco's end; now, the eVouchers are "in stock." I guess YMMV.

BigOAir November 20, 2019

FYI Costco already shows "out of stock" re: these Lyft eVouchers.

fotoflyer88 November 20, 2019

Any reports of stacking/using/credit with Delta/Hilton points, etc?