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Georgia Politician Threatens Delta Over NRA Partnership Ending

On Twitter, the lieutenant governor of Georgia said that he would specifically quash any state tax legislation that might benefit Delta Air Lines due to Delta ending its discount arrangement for members of the National Rifle Association.

To read more on this story, go to Mediaite.

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fotographer February 28, 2018

I would like to see a list of other groups that DL offers discounts too

c502cid February 28, 2018

Mr Cagle, thank you for standing up for law abiding citizens who have to fight back against the hysterical and immoral anti gun lobby which has heavy financial backing and the voice of a corrupt media.

anirudh666 February 28, 2018

Delta can’t simultaneously ask ME3 to end subsidies and also get subsidies at the same time

Open Jaw February 27, 2018

I love it when people try to blame the NRA for the failure of the FBI and local police. Police got numerous calls about the shooter and everyone of them failed to enforce the laws currently on the books. If liberals want to stop gun violence, then they must stop making excuses for the evil acts of damaged people. By the way, my gun rights cannot just be revoked because some corrupt politicians with an agenda say so.

skidooman February 27, 2018

Well, Mr Cagle, the customer that I am won't purchase from businesses that play nice with the NRA. I have a feeling I won't be the only one. Corporations cannot help immoral organizations and expect us the sane citizens not to fight back. Neither can politicians BTW.