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Gatwick Will Handle Up to 90,000 Additional Flights by 2038

London’s Gatwick Airport has confirmed plans to bring its standby runway into use. This would mean that both of the facility’s runways would operate simultaneously within ten years. Until now, the airport was bound by a restriction that meant that it couldn’t operate both strips at the same time.

London’s Gatwick Airport (LGW) has confirmed that it is seeking to make use of its standby or northern runway for smaller craft departing from the facility. As Gizmodo reports, this would see both of the airport’s runways operate simultaneously well within the next decade.

Explaining the impetus behind the potential change at Gatwick Airport, Sky News clarifies that, “A restriction had historically been placed on the airport to stop it from using the northern airstrip at the same time as the main runway, but this expired last month.”

At present, this standby runway is only used in emergency situations.

In a statement outlining the planning process, London Gatwick said that it has formally begun the process of seeking to bring this runway into use for regular operation. According to Sky News, bringing the airport’s standby facility into operation could see the facility handle as many as 90,000 additional flights by 2038.

Commenting on the proposed change in planning, Tim Norwood, the facility’s chief planning officer, said, “As the biggest private investments in our region for many years, the start of the process to use our existing Northern Runway is a significant milestone. This project has the capacity to offer significant local economic benefits, new jobs and an exciting future for the region. As we take our plans forward, we are committed to working in partnership with our local communities, councils, and partners to ensure we grow sustainably and present information in a clear and transparent way, including a more detailed stage of public consultation on the project next year.”

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