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Gatwick Airport Fully Operational After IT Meltdown

Flyers going through London Gatwick Airport on Wednesday, July 10 were grounded due to “air traffic control issues.” A power outage followed by a computer issue brought all flights to a stop, leaving flyers stranded for hours as airport officials worked to sort out the issues.

Anyone passing through London Gatwick Airport (LGW) on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, can attest: getting out was harder than simply boarding an aircraft. FlyerTalkers turned to help from one another on the forums, after two crises brought air traffic to a stop.

According to the Evening Standard, the first problem happened around 5 p.m. local time, when the power went out at London Gatwick Airport. Once the lights came back on, computers in the airport tower went down, leaving personnel to untangle the problem.

Even if they were not at Gatwick, FlyerTalkers were directly affected by the issue and took to the forums to share their experiences. Forum member LondonCapeTownAnyday wrote: “On [British Airways 2257]… started boarding and then stopped when they heard the news…[Approximately] 5 hour delay just announced due to this issue.”

Many flyers continued to share updates from Eurocontrol and British authorities as the delay went on. Early estimates from airport officials suggested over 20 flights were diverted to other airports, but flyers were asked to check with their airlines for up-to-date information.

FlightAware reports business returned to normal at London Gatwick Airport, with no reported delays or cancellations through the field. Airport spokespeople told the Evening Standard that the airline was back to regular operations by 7 p.m. local time the same day.

Through the delays, FlyerTalkers tried to be optimistic about their situation, but some expressed frustration. Forum member Ancient Observer felt bad for a relation aboard one of the delayed flights: “[British Airways Flight 2563] is saying a 4 hour delay. Daughter is on flight with 2 year old, so not happy!”

But flyer200 possibly had the best contingency plan for the delay: “I think I’m safe in the lounge for a little while.”

A Gatwick spokesperson said in a statement Thursday, July 11, 2019: “Gatwick is fully operational this morning following an issue with air traffic control systems yesterday.”


[Featured Image: Gatwick]

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