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Gator Killed Instantly by Landing Plane

On Tuesday, a Navajo aircraft operated by an unknown pilot struck an 11-foot, 500 lb. alligator that was seemingly in the process of crossing the runway at Orlando Executive Airport (ORL), killing the reptile instantly. Brad Pierce, a local pilot, shared a picture of the deceased alligator on social media following the incident.

“I was told the pilot was flying a Navajo and the gator jumped up and struck the wing during his landing. The gator was killed instantly and the aircraft sustained damage to the wing,” said Pierce in the Facebook post.

To read more on this story, go to CBS News.

[Photo: Shutterstock]

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DeweyCheathem June 10, 2017

I am certain that this story is not a croc.

IBobi June 9, 2017

I am extremely disappointed by the lack of pun or pop culture reference in this headline :(

pdsales June 9, 2017

This was not the pilot's fault, ATC had directed the gator to hold short of the runway.