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Frustrated “Arrow” Star Asks WestJet How Airline Can “Screw Things Up Sooo Badly”

Arrow star John Barrowman called out WestJet via Twitter on Sunday, venting his frustration with the Canadian airline in front of more than 351,000 followers. Barrowman’s initial tweet to WestJet was vague but critical, asking:

WestJet responded to the actor’s complaints, tweeting back: “What’s up, John?” Barrowman told the airline his issue was too complicated for a Twitter explanation, stating only that he didn’t get what he paid for, “was not notified” and planned to call the airline about the ordeal.

Toward the end of his rant on Sunday, Barrowman called out WestJet’s business practices:

When asked about Barrowman’s complaint, WestJet spokeswoman Brie Thorsteinson told Global Mail that she could not address issues concerning a particular passenger, adding: “We make every effort to provide strong guest support to those who choose to fly WestJet.”

[Photo: John Barrowman via Twitter]

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milesandmoremiles March 17, 2015

This is just a lame attempt from some "unknown" actor that performs on a low rated tv show on an even lower rate TV network to gain some notoriety.

David-A March 17, 2015

@UNCLEDUE: Firstly, he posted to his own twitter account, and let the people who choose to follow him see it. And the complaint was about not recieving what was paid for. That's hardly a DYKWIA complaint for special treatment. You are a member of a FF discussion site - so you like him have commented about airlines and their policies and service delivery with the people you interact with online. Secondly, "real stars" - what a terribly hideous American cultural phenomenon it is that people get considered 'stars' and then elevated above others as a class of person. Actor/actress is the term, and it's a valid job. And would his complaint be more credible if you considered him a greater/bigger 'star'? - I've seen Formula 1 racing drivers (from leading teams, during their active years) flying single class airlines (easyJet, Ryanair, etc), sure they also fly private jet, and first class, but from A2B on a short disatance it is just a means of transportation. I know multi-millionaires who won't fly anything other than the cheapest seat - they are not interested in more than a2b transportation over short distances. The person applying the famous treatment here is the person who picked up the story. I think your comment reveals the person with the attidue problem is not Mr Barrowman.

UncleDude March 16, 2015

DYKWIA from a Minor Celebrity...YAWN Real stars dont fly Coach on a One Class Airline