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Frontier Passengers Rally to Remove Flyer From the Aircraft

After a loud argument ensued between three passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight, passengers in the cabin voted to remove one of the participants.
Even though facial coverings are no longer required aboard commercial aircraft, flyers are still behaving poorly to the point where other passengers are demanding action.


Philadelphia ABC affiliate WPVI reports three flyers were removed off a recent Frontier Airlines flight – with one of them deplaned at the request of the cabin.


Argument Results in Multiple Flyers Escorted Off Aircraft

The incident began shortly after boarding of a Frontier flight between New Jersey’s Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN) and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). In a series of TikTok videos uploaded by user lanaisli, the argument was between a couple and another flyer several rows away. At one point, the male of the couple escalated the incident by throwing money at the person they were arguing with.


The couple was eventually asked to leave the aircraft, but that wasn’t enough for one flyer. After going on a diatribe about the “American mindset,” another male passenger called for a vote to remove the third antagonist.



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“Raise your hand if want her removed!” the flyer asked of the cabin. Immediately, several hands raised among the travelers.


After the impromptu vote, the third passenger was escorted off the flight by airport personnel. According to reports, no charges were filed against any of the parties. It is unclear if they are further banned from flying Frontier.


Incidents Come as Congress Mulls Banned Flyer List

Data from the Federal Aviation Administration shows there have been 586 unruly passenger incidents through April 30, 2023. This latest incident comes as Congress is considering a bill to create a national unruly passenger database banning certain flyers, which could potentially be managed by the Transportation Security Administration.


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crescent2 May 11, 2023

Very poorly written articl; what was the topic of the argument between passengers?  The captain should be the only one deciding to eject a passenger.  The voting thing is insane.  This does NOT encourage me to fly with Frontier!  When were the other two put off the plane?

darthbimmer May 10, 2023

This story makes me angrier every time I see FT advertise another link to it. It's bad enough already that pilots exercise their prerogative to remove passengers for poor reasons, such as seeming to be Middle-Eastern. Arbitrary discrimination against minorities will only get worse if the right to take a flight becomes subject to mob rule.

cybdiver May 10, 2023

The story never said what all the fuss was about.  The airplane is not a democracy the captain calls the shots they should have thrown the guy that called for the vote off too

volabam May 9, 2023

Unpopular opinion: the pax instigating the "vote" should also have been removed, encouraging future passengers to mind their own business.

Mr. Vker May 7, 2023

Sorry, the tribe has spoken.