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Frontier Flight Boots 12-Year-Old Due to Unpaid Minor Fee

An Ohio family claims that their 12-year-old son, who was traveling by himself, was removed from his flight before takeoff after it was allegedly discovered that the child’s ticket had not included the minor fee at the time of purchase. The family claims that they did pay the minor fee while buying the ticket from a third-party vendor.

Frontier released a statement on the incident, saying:

“We apologize to the parents for the inconvenience and confusion they encountered while their son was traveling with us last week. There was a customer service failure during this child’s travel experience with us in Tampa. At the time Frontier made every effort to contact the parents to notify them of this issue regarding fee collection in the absence of a guardian with the child at the airport. We have coached airport team members and ensured compliance with Frontier policy regarding unaccompanied minor travel.”

To read more on this story, go to CBS Cleveland.

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Boggie Dog August 22, 2017

Until airline employees are held accountable with loss of job for such missteps these customer service issues will continue. It's not just this case or airline but seems to be a trend across the industryl A Passengers Bill of Rights is one step to correcting some of these problems. Another is to force demergers of the largest airlines.