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From the Forum: Weirdest Seatmate Behavior?

From the Forum: Weirdest Seatmate Behavior?
Ryan Boyd

On the FlyerTalk Forum, user yaromac asked what the weirdest behavior forum members have observed from their seatmates aboard flights, starting off by relating a story about a seatmate who blew their nail-file dust at their fellow passengers, among other erratic behavior.

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  1. laperk1028

    June 8, 2018 at 4:57 am

    One man told me he had been exposed to Ebola recently. One asked me (on a frequent commuter flight) why I hadn’t gotten my cracked computer screen fixed yet after 4 weeks (he must have been looking at my computer – for weeks). Another one told me a “d” should be capitalized on a document I was working on One man told me after an 8 hour flight – as we stood up to get off the plane “How do you know ‘John Doe’?” I said “pardon me? He said “you mentioned him in your presentation. I grew up with him in Queens”. (obviously, I needed – and got – a privacy screen!). One 3 yr old was by himself in 1st class sitting next to me (honest). I have no idea where the parents were, but the FA’s kept expecting me to make him quit squirming. One man sat next to me and snored so loudly the FAs and the other passengers asked me to quiet him. I didn’t know him, but for some reason, everyone thought it was my responsibility. One gorgeous woman was sitting next to me and told me she was a Playboy Playmate and that she was sick. When the plane landed, she stood up and promptly fainted at her seat. Everyone literally walked around her (I got her help. I think they thought she was so pretty, she couldn’t possibly be ill). One woman sitting next to me said she couldn’t breath and asked me to get her purse and get her inhaler. I jumped up when seat belts were supposed to be fastened and got her purse and frantically started looking for the inhaler. FA heard all of this and started yelling at me that I couldn’t go thru her purse. Are you kidding? One man told me he was just leaving his mother’s funeral. He talked and talked about her, so I let him talk, then he started to cry uncontrollably – Wailing. I felt bad for him and told him mom would be proud of him. Bigger wailing. Sad. I just shut up.

    I could go on and on unfortunately.

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