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French Rescue Flights Refuses to Board English Passengers?

English holidymakers visiting St. Maarten were allegedly left by French and Dutch evacuation planes ahead of Hurricane Irma because they were unauthorized to accommodate “refugees” from the United Kingdom.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office commented: “We have been in regular contact with the Dutch and the Americans since the onset of this crisis to co-ordinate our response and help for all those affected.”

To read more on this story, go to Express.

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1StRanger September 18, 2017

Yes, one can question the efforts of the UK to help its citizens. But here, the question is about the behavior of the French (and Dutch) planes. I understand that French plane(s) had a priority of taking French citizens. But then the question is: was that plane(s) full? The linked Express article quotes the daughter of the stranded people: "French flew with three quarter empty plane because they couldn't get permission for 'refugees'" If that statement correct, and the planes were not at capacity (and could safely take more passengers), that indeed raises the issue of lack of general humanitarian effort on their part. Who is at fault? - I suspect the blame might be placed on both those who chartered these flights and those who made decisions locally, at the boarding gate/plane side. Even soldiers at the battle field do not have to have orders or permission from the general to save someone not from their platoon, if that doesn't sacrifice the mission.

Bouncer September 13, 2017

Cannot blame them. They were chartered to take French citizens, not English, or Zimbabwean, or American or anyone but French. Nothing stopped the UK from sending an aircraft. Regards, -Bouncer-