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For $10, You Can Ditch the 3-Ounce Liquids in 1-Quart Bag

Savvy Traveler

New single-use products offer flyers everything they could pack in a one-quart bag in a three-inch wipe.

Travelers anxious about getting all of their three-ounce personal liquids in a one quart bag may soon have a new option. The Los Angeles Times reports a new line of single-use wipes may be able to replace the TSA-compliant Ziploc bag in many carry-ons.

Called Savvy Traveler, the California-based company offers a line of single use wipes, each self-contained in a three-inch container. The different products cover a number of situations experienced by travelers from refreshing cleaning wipes to applying antiperspirant after a long flight.

“As frequent travelers ourselves, we often become extremely frustrated by the inconveniences of traveling,” the company explains on their website. “The lack of convenient and sanitary traveling conditions caused us to develop a new product collection that benefits the on-the-go consumer and improves sanitary conditions no matter the location.”

While Savvy Traveler currently offers four products for sale, such as their “smile refresher wipes” that act as a toothbrush-mouthwash combination, they plan to roll out additional products in the coming months. Future products include cleaning wipes for glasses and electronic devices, anti-bacterial cleaning wipes for surfaces and “Safe-T Stepz” that work as “foot safety shields.” The company reports that each product is TSA compliant and designed to create minimal waste.

The new products are currently available on their website and select airport terminals, with plans to grow to additional airports and hotels in the near future. A bag of four wipes cost $9.99, while the “Jet Set Kit” containing three sets of personal grooming wipes cost $24.99.

[Photo: Savvy Traveler]

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callum9999 May 26, 2015

Seems beyond pointless to me... If you want toothpaste then buy a travel-sized toothpaste tube. If you want antiperspirant buy a small roll-on. If you want to wipe your face buy a small pack of face wipes. All much cheaper than $10 and you can use far more than 4 times.