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Flying From the UK Is Now More Expensive for Premium Cabin Pax

Unfortunately, flying from the U.K. is about to get more expensive.

The British Government has decided to raise the Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax that is charged on passengers flying from the U.K. The U.K. already has one of the highest APDs in the world. It’s charged on any aircraft that has a take-off weight greater than 5.7 tons or more than 20 passenger seats.

The APD for premium cabin tickets is increasing by 16 GBP (~$21). Every passenger who is buying a premium cabin ticket, either with cash or with airline miles, is subject to paying the increased APD when departing from an airport in the U.K. In fact, even just connecting through London will incur the extra fee.

Flying via London has been expensive for a while now, with their already high APD, so nothing much is changing here in terms of where it makes sense to fly with miles, now it just makes even less sense to fly via the U.K.


Does this fee increase affect you?

[Image: Heathrow]

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djjaguar64 December 2, 2017

Well this fee does not apply to MAN or LGW departures right?

wyddfa December 1, 2017

This is most definitely a #firstworldproblem. But I'm flying to CNX soon. LCC MAN to Berlin and a couple of days extra holiday instead of handing over the APD on my business fare. What's not to like?

11277m December 1, 2017

You say "Is Now more Expensive" but the increase is actually from April 2018.

NNH November 30, 2017

One reason why British flyers are so keen on ex-EU flights is that it lets us avoid the APD. I write this in sunny LA, which I reached last week from Gothenburg via an overnight stop of 18 hours back home in London!

londonbus November 29, 2017

"Connecting through London will incur the extra fee". Only if the connection is more than 24 hours - i.e. a stopover. Connect with fewer than 24 hours between flights on the same PNR and you remain exempt from APD.