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FlyerTalk Spots Prince Harry Flying on the Wrong Plane

Prince Harry was spotted on a commercial flight between London and Tokyo ahead of the Rugby World Cup final last week, says The Sun. While the outlet has reported that the royal flew premium economy on ANA, eagle-eyed FlyerTalkers observed that it was far more likely he was flying Club World on BA.

An eagle-eyed passenger clocked Prince Harry on a commercial flight from London to Tokyo ahead of the Rugby World Cup final last week, reports The Sun. However, while it was initially stated that the Duke of Sussex flew premium economy on All Nippon Airways (ANA), keen-eyed FlyerTalk forum users observed that it’s more likely that the royal was actually traveling Club World class on British Airways.

The outlet also reports that the duke flew between London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (HND), but as another forum member astutely noted, the plane is, “…a 787 which would be NRT…”.

Regardless of the carrier, cabin class or plane type, the duke’s presence on a commercial flight is notable as both he and his wife have been criticized in the press in recent months for their apparently extensive use of private jets.


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Aidan November 13, 2019

Also not really roughing it in BA economy. Even going in F on BA is much less footprint than chartering a private jet.

MikeFromTokyo November 6, 2019

What a boring story. HRH spotted on commercial flight? It happens all the time. Commercial vs. private is not really significant in this case. It is not at all surprising or unusual that a regional flight would be justifiable on a private aircraft, while a long haul flight to Tokyo would be on a commercial flight, in this case the national flag carrier BA in business class. I'm surprised he does not sit in F, but perhaps it helps with perceptions and helps to avoid criticism for conspicuous consumption. BA Club world is hardly luxurious.