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Flyers Forced to Jump From Moving Plane Thanks to Hydraulic Leak

Passengers aboard a Loganair flight that suffered a hydraulic leak were forced to leap from the moving aircraft upon making an emergency landing at Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM) Wednesday.

The pilot informed air traffic control of a leak that was spotted underneath one of the aircraft’s wings and the Saab 340 was met by emergency services at RTM. No injuries were reported among the 17 passengers onboard.

“The aircraft landed safely at the airport around 4:35pm local time where it was brought to a halt, but subsequently rolled just off the runway due to an issue with the hydraulics,” said a Loganair representative. “All 17 passengers disembarked the aircraft safely, returned to the terminal by bus and a replacement service was dispatched from Glasgow to take them on to Aberdeen.”

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HIDDY October 5, 2015

Tcheuchters doing a Highland Fling.

fedup flyer October 4, 2015

This is the kind of thing that need to stop. No need to "leap" from a moving aircraft due to a hydraulic leak. Or Is this another case of sensationalism journalism?

BearX220 October 3, 2015

This was a RTM-ABZ service?