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Flyer to Husband on Flight: Surprise, I’m Pregnant

Shocked baby laying down on bed

In a scribbled note to flight staff, flyer Audrey Rose asked for assistance with announcing to her husband, David Rose, that she was pregnant with their second baby.

I’ve been wanting to share this video for so long! This time around I really wanted to surprise David with the news of our new baby. I think I got him pretty good😁✈️🤰🏻

Posted by Audrey Rose on Thursday, January 11, 2018

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justhere February 15, 2018

I caught that too but I'm guessing he means how did she get the crew to announce it.

Gigantor February 14, 2018

Surpisingly, he asks, "How'd you do that?". If he really doesn't know, then there is a good chance that the kid is not from him. :)