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Flyer Stands to Lose Leg Thanks to Manchester Security Staffs’ Alleged Display of ‘Ageism’

A diabetic flyer says he could lose his leg after being forced to remove his shoe at a security checkpoint in Manchester Airport.

A diabetic man at risk of losing one of his legs is blaming security officials at Manchester Airport (MAN) for his current predicament. DailyMail reports John Knox-Crawford, 82, claims he suffered an injury at a MAN security checkpoint which has since developed into something more serious and could result in amputation.

The incident reportedly took place on January 22, when Knox-Crawford traveled 110 miles to MAN via bus. During the trip, the diabetic’s feet became swollen. While he was passing through the security checkpoint to catch a flight to Malta, Knox-Crawford says he was directed to a metal detector and ordered to remove his shoes, despite explaining to officers that he was in pain and unable to remove them.

Knox-Crawford was eventually able to remove his shoes as instructed, but he claims he stripped a piece of skin off one of his feet while trying to put them back on. The security officers, according to Knox-Crawford, laughed at him as he struggled.

Although he ultimately completed his travel, the octogenarian said he was forced to spend three days in a Maltese hospital due to gangrene that developed in the wound. As a result, Knox-Crawford says he has a “50-50 chance” of losing his leg.

While still weighing his options, Knox-Crawford and local officials are speaking out, accusing MAN staff of ageism. “At [MAN] they have power without responsibility. They treat everyone like terrorists,” said Knox-Crawford, adding, “I would like them to be more considerate to elderly passengers.”

A MAN representative told DailyMail that travelers suffering from medical conditions can be accommodated with an official letter from a doctor, stating:

All airport staff are trained to the highest standard to carry out these checks and receive ongoing training to allow for any changes in the security process … In [Knox-Crawford’s] instance, no certified medical advice was produced and regulations therefore stipulate that mandatory checks must take place. No distress was intended to Mr. Knox-Crawford while these necessary security checks took place.

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