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Flyer Claims She Lost Arm Use on United Flight

Passenger says workers dropped her while helping to board a flight.

A United Airlines passenger is taking the carrier to court, after she claims the total use of her arm was lost while attempting to board one of their flights. Houston NBC affiliate KPRC reports flyer Erica Fulton has retained an attorney and filed a lawsuit in Texas, where she says she was dropped by an airport worker assisting her to her seat.

Fulton was flying from Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) to Tampa International Airport (TPA) aboard United when she says the incident took place. Because she is confined to a wheelchair due to a medical condition, the flyer required additional help to board her aircraft. Two third-party ground crew employees were called in to help.

However, as the two attempted to aid Fulton by holding her up, the flyer says one lost grip and dropped her. As a result, she says she landed on her right shoulder, which allegedly caused the entire loss of her arm.

In addition, Fulton says that the airline destroyed her custom-built $23,000 wheelchair she was traveling with. Describing her experience as the “flight from hell,” the flyer also accused the airline of severely damaging her wheelchair.

In a statement to the television station, a United spokesperson said that the airline paid for repairs to her wheelchair. The statement read: “We hold all of our vendors to high standards and strive to provide great service to all of our customers. We sincerely apologize to Ms. Fulton for her experience while traveling with us.”

Although the wheelchair was repaired, Fulton says that she had not spoken to the airline about her injuries. As a result, she is seeking damages for pain and suffering from the carrier in court. United has not provided a public response to her injury claims.

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Guy Betsy June 9, 2017

People who say their flight is 'from hell' shouldn't really fly at all. If they need such extra help in getting to and from their seat, they should at least get their own 'help' and not rely on any airlines' Third party assistances.