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Flyer Causes Panic on American Flight After Claiming to Have a Gun

A flyer aboard an American Airlines flight created a panic mid-air after claiming to have a gun and talking about 9/11.

An American Airlines flyer was forcefully removed from an aircraft after using the transcontinental flight as an opportunity to discuss his opinions about government and the September 11th attacks. American Airlines Flight 754, scheduled for service from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), made an emergency landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) on Thursday after the passenger allegedly became unruly and told fellow flyers he had a gun.

According to passengers aboard the flight, the unidentified flyer began his strange behavior shortly after takeoff. Once airborne, the passenger allegedly began pacing the aisle, before moving up to first class to share his story. Those aboard the plane told TMZ the passenger began talking about the government and 9/11, telling the cabin: “We will all see the truth, and I will be famous today.”

When two passengers worked to subdue the flyer, he became more agitated and supposedly told the cabin that he had a gun. At that point, the two forced the flyer into a seat, as the pilot prepared to make an emergency landing at PHX.

“We got duct tape and handcuffs and we had to hold the guy in his seat and fasten his seatbelt,” Chip Yates, one of the two who subdued the flyer, told Philadelphia CBS affiliate KYW-TV. “[We] said if you get up we’re going have to duct tape you together.”

A photo posted by Yates on Twitter shows police aboard the aircraft to remove the flyer. KYW reports he was taken into custody by Phoenix police and held for a mental health evaluation.

After refueling, a spokesperson for the airline confirmed the aircraft was able to takeoff for PHL without any further incident. The flight ultimately arrived at 8:30 p.m. EDT, nearly seven hours past the scheduled landing time.

[Photo: Twitter / Chip Yates]

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GulkanaAlaska November 2, 2015

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