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Flyer Accuses United of Kicking Her Awake

Airline suspends suspected perpetrator while investigation continues.

A United Airlines worker could face disciplinary actions over accusations of kicking a passenger who was sleeping in a chapel. Houston NBC affiliate KPRC-TV reports that the incident happened while the flyer was on a layover at Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

Lindsey Urbani said that she was a United flyer from San Francisco to Belize, with a stop at IAH prior to her international travel. Between flights, she decided to take a nap at one of the airport’s nondenominational chapel rooms. After falling asleep, she claims that her rest was interrupted by a United employee kicking her in the head.

“I immediately got up and asked the person why he had did that,” Urbani told KPRC. “His response was he didn’t want me to miss my flight, to which I told him I didn’t need him to do that.”

According to Urbani’s account, the United employee told her she could not sleep there. He then proceeded to unroll a prayer rug and began to perform a prayer. When he concluded, the flyer took two photos of the employee. Urbani says she asked for his name, but said he would not provide it.

Although Urbani continued her trip, she claims that it was ruined by the United employee who allegedly assaulted her. She filed complaints with both United and the local police over the incident.

In a statement to the NBC affiliate, United said they were “urgently reviewing the matter” while the employee is “suspended while we [the airline] review the incident.” It is unclear what action may be taken against him.

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drvannostren June 20, 2017

The local police? Come on, get a grip. Had he said nothing it could've easily been deemed accidental. Can we stop wasting police time with crap like this? I'm totally non-religious, but I wouldn't disgrace other people's places of worship by just passing out in one of them. Find another place to lay down, just because it's dark-ish and quiet doesn't mean you should sprawl out and sleep there. To the guy, how about rather than booting someone in the head then making up an excuse for doing it, why not simply try and wake her up with your words and say "excuse miss, I'd like to roll out my rug and perform my daily prayers, do you mind moving from the space for a few minutes?" Had two reasonable adults been in this situation, it would've been nothing.

ioto1902 June 18, 2017

One had her holiday "ruined". The other had his job "suspended". All of this, because of an encounter in a chapel. Is this what religion leads to ??