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Flyer Accuses AA FA of Flying in iCloud

Smart phone takeing pictrues on the plane

The “friend” of a flyer is publicly accusing American Airlines of stealing an Apple iPhone that was left onboard after they allegedly found pictures of a flight attendant in the phone owner’s iCloud account. American asked them to call them or send a direct message on Twitter, and claim they have not received contact from the potential victim.

An American Airlines flight attendant is facing accusations of flying in more than the skies, after a friend of a flyer publicly accused the carrier of stealing a cell phone. In a Twitter exchange, the individual reaching out on behalf of “a friend” claims to have determined that the phone was stolen when a flight attendant’s photos allegedly appeared on the phone owner’s iCloud stream.

According to the account given on Twitter, the unidentified friend lost her cell phone while flying American. After deboarding, the individual alerted a flight attendant about the situation, who supposedly said they would try to find it. After what they say was a brief search, the flight attendant said that the phone could not be found. Days later, the friend allegedly found self-photographs of the flight attendant on her iCloud stream – pictures they claim were taken from the stolen cell phone.

In the back-and-forth between the accuser and American, the airline asked the friend to direct the flyer to their Lost and Found form, followed by asking the owner of the phone to contact American directly. In a statement to The Sunthe carrier did not directly address the accusations, but instead claimed that the original phone owner has not come forward.

“We asked to have the actual passenger reach out to us in order of us to obtain additional information,” the statement reads. “But at this time, the actual passenger has not reached out to us.”

FlyerTalk has reached out to the accuser and American to see if the case has been resolved.

UPDATE: In a statement to FlyerTalk, American spokesperson Ross Feinstein says that the allegations came from American Airlines Flight 393 from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to Mexico City International Airport (MEX) on December 24, 2017. After a review, the airline found no evidence of theft among their staff.

“The original passenger did reach out to American, and our corporate security team spoke with her directly,” Feinstein told FlyerTalk. “The photo in the tweet does not match any of our crew members who worked that flight and/or any of our team members in Mexico City.”

The accuser tweeted to FlyerTalk that his friend has not yet recovered her phone, but is “trying to work with American Airlines to resolve the issue.”

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