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Fly Jamaica Airways

Fly Jamaica Flight Crash-Lands in Guyana

Fly Jamaica Flight Crash-Lands in Guyana
Jennifer Billock

Six people were injured when a Fly Jamaica Airways plane en-route to Toronto had to return to the airport in Guyana and crash-landed on the runway; the older-model plane had suffered a technical issue shortly after it took off which likely caused the accident to happen when the aircraft attempted to land.

A Fly Jamaica Airways plane crash-landed on Friday when it returned to Guyana shortly after takeoff. The flight, a Boeing 757-200, was on the way to Toronto when a problem with the hydraulic system occurred. Pilots were forced to turn around and go back, but on landing, it hit on the belly and skidded off the runway.

Six people had reported injuries and there was substantial damage to the aircraft’s wing and engine, but otherwise all 118 passengers and 8 crew are unharmed, the Seattle Times reported. An investigation into the incident has been launched.

“I am all safe, but shaking,” passenger Invor Bedessee, who lives in Toronto, wrote in a Facebook post reported by the Ottawa Citizen. “We were in the air flying for 15 minutes and captain said there is a hydraulic problem, and turned the plane back … captain dumped fuel and then landed.”

The 757 plane used for the Fly Jamaica Airways flight was 19 years old; the line of jets itself stopped production in 2005 after being produced for 20 years. Some airlines are still using older planes because a new replacement plane hasn’t yet been built—though Boeing plans to remedy that when it releases the 797.


[Image: Wikimedia Commons]

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  1. ironmanjt

    November 10, 2018 at 6:59 am

    “Some airlines are still using these older planes” – come on, there are hundreds of them still in use, it’s not like the 757 is some antique!

  2. Dhamal

    November 13, 2018 at 6:12 am

    Delta still flies the MD 88’s those are older than the 757, it’s all about your maintenance program and how you operate. older equipment does no mean automatic failure.. new equipment does look @ the 787.. I feel safer in a 757 vd 787..

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