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Fly Air France La Premiere First Class LAX/SFO to London, $636 One-Way

If you’re looking for a great excuse to go to Paris for a post-holiday getaway, Air France has a great deal on flights from Los Angeles (777) or San Francisco (A380) for $636 one-way and $1,514 round-trip. And, as usual, the flight includes a chauffeured ride to and from the airport and access to the Air France first-class lounge in Paris.

As of the time of publication, there is availability on most dates in 2018.




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davistev December 20, 2017

Air France says it was all a mistake and is cancelling all tickets already issued.

BOB W December 20, 2017

AF is cancelling all flights booked it this fare

Paul510 December 20, 2017

Yea I'm not sure why Flyer Talk would post something like this. If you go to the AF website they do have a La Premiere sale but it's $7300 RT from LAX and SFO.

mjw001 December 20, 2017

If anyone actually purchased an Air France La Premiere tix @ $636, can you post a snip documenting that the post is true? If this is someone posting non-existent fares for fun & games, the post should be removed and the person posting it booted from the site. There needs to be some sort of consequence for "fake news".

caseminole December 20, 2017

Uh.... The ONLY fares I can find in the La Premiere from LAX to CDG is for $23,480 RT. LAX-LHR a bit higher at $23,961 Exactly what dates were we supposed to be searching????