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Florida Airline Employees Continue to Protest Vaccine Requirements

A group called “Florida Freedom Flyers” took their complaints about COVID-19 vaccine mandates to the streets, claiming they are costing workers jobs.
Several current and former airline employees brought complaints about federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates to the streets, claiming the ultimate decision should belong to them and not their employer.


Miami ABC affiliate WPLG reports the group was not against vaccinations in general, but rather wanted the freedom to choose whether they should get inoculated to keep their jobs.


Florida Freedom Flyers Want Power of Decision

The protest was organized by a group called Florida Freedom Flyers, consisting of current and former airline employees. Although some of the protestors held signs claiming union affiliations, none of the labor organizations have expressed support for their cause.


In the small demonstration, the group said they are not against the idea of COVID-19 vaccinations. Instead, they are asking the airlines to allow them a choice in taking the vaccine. Those in attendance say their ability to work should not be dependent on their personal decisions.


“We love our careers that we’ve spent years building,” pilot Anna-Maria Scorsone told WLPG. “We believe that our bodies belong to us, not to the federal government, not our employers.”


According to the group, over 300 Florida-based United Airlines pilots are currently on unpaid leave for their vaccine non-compliance. Others say they have lost their jobs despite putting in an exemption request on personal, medical, or religious grounds.


“I was on an airplane flying and I get a message that I’m removed from my schedule,” former flight attendant Jennifer Kiernan told the TV station. “Lives are turned upside down. What do you do? Lives are destroyed. What do I do? No health insurance, where do I go?”


Although United was the first carrier to require all employees to get inoculated against the novel Coronavirus, nearly every U.S.-based airline has made similar mandates after an executive order by President Joe Biden. In September 2021, the Chicago-based company said 97% of workers were vaccinated.

Despite Court Decisions, Employees Continue Protesting Vaccines

Even though previous courts have upheld vaccine requirements, employees continue to challenge and protest the vaccine requirement. In October 2021, a group of Southwest Airlines employees protested the federal mandate in front of the company’s headquarters. Days later, a federal judge upheld the Dallas-based airline’s internal deadline for employees to get inoculated.


Feature image courtesy: DJ Paine on Unsplash


I don't get  the person who is all upset that she didn't have a job or health insurance, she knew the consequences of her decision but apparently she thought the airline  didn't mean that- they like me so much that they will  make an exception? Why? You don't have to get the vaccination, but the airline doesn't have to employ you either.  You  have to accept  the consequences of your decision

mvoight January 6, 2022

Vaccines do not require insurance

Mike Raffety January 6, 2022

“Lives are turned upside down. What do you do? Lives are destroyed. What do I do? No health insurance, where do I go?”

To the nearest drug store to get vaccinated, like most other Americans.

rlprager January 6, 2022

Freedom?  Why not protest, "no shirt, no shoes, no service"?  Are Doctors free to not treat you if you get Covid and are not vaxed?  Are insurance companies free to charge you higher premiums if you don't follow medical advice, like get vaxed?  If a child enters school in grade K without vaccinations for measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella, scarlet fever, etc.  and gives a disease to your neighbor's kid, shouldn't they be free to sue you for endangering their child?  You have freedom in America, AS LONG AS, it doesn't take freedom away from others.  Very little chance of death if vaccinated.  Of the 800,000 deaths from Covid, almost all were unvaxinated.  You ar free to not vax, and employers, schools, bars, gyms, etc. are free to keep themselves and other customers safe.

earlgrey1492 January 5, 2022

I'm vaccinated and boosted but cancelled a trip to Florida today. Didn't feel like bathing in infection regardless. Got pretty sick with Delta despite vaccine (thankfully didn't need to go to hospital), which everyone was saying would be "mild," so I don't trust the reports of "mild infection" anymore. A "mild" infection can put you out of commission for a week.