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Flight Attendants’ Used Shoes Are Now Apparently a Hot Ticket Among Foot Fetishists

A British tabloid took a revealing look at the underground world of the foot-obsessed and the crew members who earn a little extra scratch selling their used footwear to aficionados.

Being a globe-trotting flight attendant certainly seems like a glamorous career choice, but according to The Sun, the profession has a seedy secret. The UK newspaper revealed in a report this week that some enterprising crew members are earning an extra chunk of change from fetish communities to help make ends meet.

Apparently, items used by flight attendants, including shoes, tights and other even more personal garments are highly sought after by those willing to pay big bucks to satisfy certain proclivities. A pair of “very used cabin crew shoes” can reportedly fetch upwards of $65 on eBay.

One flight attendant even operates her own website called “All Things Worn And Beautiful” where she vends used crew member garments and personal items. The full-time flight attendant and part-time virtual fetish shop proprietor, who goes by the handle Juice Pusher online, told the Sun’s Caroline McGuire that she sells pairs of tights worn on flights for $27 a pop.

“Early on, I figured that there is a demand for well-worn tights, especially from flight attendants,” she explained.

According to the report, sites like eBay have started to crack down on transactions that appear to be more about fulfilling niche fetishes than exchanging merchandise. Flight attendants attempting to sell used shoes, pants and hosiery are said to use a very thinly veiled code to let customers know that the items for sale will meet their unique needs. For example, a pair of size seven women’s shoes was specifically trumpeted as being “well-worn cabin shoes – just returned from America wearing them on a very long flight.”

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jonsg May 5, 2017

Ah yes, the Sun. Bastion of well-researched and well-written journalism. In some other universe.

Sabai May 4, 2017

Sad to see people selling their soles for $27