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Flight Attendants’ Passports Taken Hostage by Union in the Midst of Strike

Flight attendants with Taiwanese airline EVA Air are stuck in the middle of a union and airline battle that’s gone on for 11 days now. Some flight attendants want to return to work, backing a drafted deal between the airline and the union, but reports say that the union is holding their passports hostage.

Taiwanese airline EVA Air is still in the midst of a dispute for 11 days now with its cabin crew and their labor union, complete with a bitter fight that includes threats and potential legal action.

On Friday, the airline and the Taoyuan Flight Attendants’ Union appeared to come to an agreement that would end the strike, with the union making concessions surrounding increased ad diem pay and extra pay for union workers. The airline also made some concessions, including increased bonus pay and layovers on excessively long trips. But although things looked like they might work out, talks stalled and the agreement has yet to go through.

About 100 flight attendants out of the 2,000 on strike, though, appear to want to return to work—but the airline claims the union is refusing to return their passports, which were collected at the start of the strike to make sure no one went to work behind the union’s back. The union is concerned the airline is pressuring employees to get back to work.

“We need to understand why they would like to retrieve the documents and whether they are being forced to retrieve them by the company—and if that is the case, we hope to help them,” union official Liao Yi-chin told Paddle Your Own Kanoo.


[Featured Image: Eva Air]

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L4ibsch August 9, 2019

That is when a second passport comes in handy.

mvoight July 30, 2019

Dublin_rfk - Their employer didn't take it, the union did.

JimInOhio July 3, 2019

How in the world can a union take a passport from an individual?

Dublin_rfk July 3, 2019

My employer can have my passport when they attempt to pry it from my cold dead hand.