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Flight Attendant Ordered to Pay Pax $100,000 for Instant Noodle Burns

An Asiana Airlines flight attendant was ordered by a court to pay 109.6 million South Korean Won ($100,000 USD) for burning a passenger with hot instant noodle soup.

The flight attendant accidentally spilled the soup on a business class passenger “Ms. Chang” while delivering her meal during a flight from Incheon to Paris on March 17, 2014. Chang, who worked as a fashion model before the incident, suffered second- and third-degree burns on her lower abdomen, thighs and private parts.

Chang says that the burns not only interfere with her work, but those on her private parts may pose problems with “pregnancy and delivery” later in life.

Asiana Airlines maintains that it was Ms. Chang who knocked the tray carrying the instant noodles that burned her. However, the plane did not have emergency supplies on hand to handle burns although it says that it “provided her with emergency medical help following instructions from a doctor on the flight.”


For more on this story, head to Straits Times.

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drvannostren January 22, 2018

PLEASE tell me the FA isn't on the hook for this. It would be ridiculous for the airline not to have insurance covering things like this. If the plane jostles due to quick turbulence is the FA still at fault, or is it the pilots fault, or do we blame act of god? There's no way this FA should have to pay for this DYKWIA situation. I feel bad for the "former model" which, could be anything...but that flight attendant shouldn't be fiscally responsible for this.

AsiaTraveler January 21, 2018

The linked article indicates that the airline and the flight attendant were held jointly liable.

chavala January 20, 2018

I find this hard to believe

LGB Flyer January 20, 2018

Typically poor paraphrasing of the original article by FlyerTalk staff writers. Linked article says, "South Korea's Asiana Airlines AND one of its flight attendants have been ordered by the court to jointly pay a passenger 109.6 million won (S$136,000) for burns from instant noodle soup." (all caps added for emphasis is mine). See a few of them every time I come around to check out an article or 2. As to whether Asiana alone ought to be responsible for the payment, you'll have to consult with somebody who knows Korean tort law.

strickerj January 19, 2018

Rather than the airline, the flight attendant is personally liable for an accident while on duty? That seems a bit extreme to me, particularly since it was the airline’s choice to serve hot soup and not have first aid supplies on board.