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Flight Attendant Accused of Staging Bomb Threats in Two Incidents

Former SkyWest Airlines flight attendant faces new charges in connection to a bomb threat on a diverted 2015 flight.

New charges have been filed against a former SkyWest Airlines flight attendant in federal court, where authorities claim he was behind another threat that diverted a flight. The Associated Press reports 22-year-old Justin Cox-Server could stand accused of a bomb hoax aboard a July 2015 flight in a Virginia court.

According to court filings and CNN, the charges stem from an incident aboard American Airlines Flight 2928, from Charlottesville, Virginia to Chicago. In an FBI affidavit, Cox-Server originally claimed he discovered a “written threat on the wall of the lavatory stating a bomb was on the plane” while he was working, which forced the aircraft to return to Virginia. However, after additional questioning, the affidavit claims the flight attendant ultimately admitted to staging the bomb threat.

Cox-Server is currently on trial in North Dakota for a similar charge. Prosecutors in his current case allege he was also involved in the diversion Delta Air Lines Flight 4770 on Sept. 9, 2015, flying from Minneapolis to Dickinson, North Dakota. On that flight, Cox-Server is accused of stuffing a bag with towels and attempting to pass it off as an in-flight hazard, leading to an emergency response upon landing.

After pleading not guilty to his current charges, Cox-Server will face two charges related to tampering with the operation of a commercial aircraft in February. He will also face three unrelated charges of a similar nature in Virginia, but prosecutors in the case tell the AP they will wait to try Cox-Server until the North Dakota case is complete.

The former flight attendant is no longer employed by SkyWest and must receive special permission from the court to board a commercial aircraft. Defense attorneys for Cox-Server in the North Dakota case did not provide a comment to the AP.

[Photo: Southwest Multi-County Correction Center]

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weero January 24, 2016

That brings service-avoidance to a whole new level. But I love that his last name is 'Server' ... priceless.