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Flames Force AA Jet to Make Emergency Landing

Flight 438 had just departed from DFW Airport when an emergency was declared.

An American Airlines flight from Dallas to Seattle was forced to turn back to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) yesterday after flames were seen shooting from one of its wings, CBS News reports.

The flight had just taken off when passengers on board the flight reported a boom, followed by flames shooting from a wing of the Airbus 321 aircraft. People across North Texas were calling 911 to report a plane in crisis when they saw flames in the sky. The carrier has since claimed that the problem was caused by a compressor stall and that the engine was never on fire.

The plane had 130 passengers and six crew members on board. Bailey Patterson, from Arlington, TX, said it was a frightening sight. “I was out in the backyard taking my dogs out to go outside and I just started hearing a weird noise. I happened to look up and I just saw a plane flying above me on fire,” he told CBS Dallas.

David Magana, a DFW Airport spokesman, claims that there were no injuries among the passengers and crew, and the plane made its way back to the gate safely. All passengers were rebooked to other flights and American Airlines added a special flight to Seattle to make sure that passengers were able to get to their destinations as quickly as possible.

[Photo: Aviation Blog]

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