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First-Class Flyers Are Getting an Unusual New Exclusive From Lufthansa: First-Class Air Quality

Lufthansa introduces humidifier to first class cabin, increasing air quality for premium travelers.

Lufthansa claims they have a solution to better aircraft air quality, but are limiting the roll-out to their best customers first. The Times of India reports the German flag carrier is rolling out humidifiers in order to add moisture to the air in first class cabins.

Aircraft air is notorious for being dry and has been accused of spreading sickness throughout the cabins. In order to combat these situations, Lufthansa has installed humidifiers in the first class cabins of their Airbus A380 aircraft. The goal is to increase the air quality in the cabin and match the accommodations currently available in the first class suites.

“With the new installations, humidity levels are set to rise from 5 percent to 15 percent to 25 percent in the thinly populated first class, compared to 20 percent in economy, which is air shared by a larger crowd,” said a Lufthansa representative. “The humidifiers will cause food to taste better, passengers to sleep better and afford them a greater sense of well-being.”

With the increase in humidity, the airline claims premium passengers will be able to enjoy a better overall experience. Executives at Lufthansa say the increased humidity creates an overall better passenger experience.

“[The humidifier] gives a totally different experience,” said Lufthansa chief executive Carsten Spohr. “Passengers arrive in a much better shape after a long-haul flight.”

The new humidifiers are featured on all 12 of the Lufthansa A380 aircraft. However, flyers in economy class on the lower deck of the aircraft will not benefit from the new installation. Mashable reports the carrier currently features 11-wide seating throughout economy in a 3-5-3 configuration, making it one of the most crowded classes currently in the air.

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Ldnn1 July 5, 2015

As [b]ItsMoe[/b] says, LH does not feature 3-5-3 seating. It is 3-4-3, the same as every other A380 operator on the main deck. It's extremely lazy (a) to state 'facts' about airline seating based on mashable articles and (b) not actually bother even to read the article anyway, as it clearly doesn't say LH has introduced 3-5-3. Very disappointing, Joe. It doesn't inspire confidence in your writing, especially given your prominence on the FT homepage.

itsMoe July 2, 2015

Lufthansa economy configuration on the A380 is 3-4-3, not 3-5-3, something that can be easily verified by looking at their seatmaps. The article you linked shows a proposed high-density, 11-abreast seating that was shown off as a concept by Airbus at the Aircraft Interiors Expo. Availability was set for 2016, though I'm not sure if that number is still correct.