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Finnair Offers Status Matches for Airberlin’s TopBonus Elites

Finnair’s loyalty program is offering airberlin’s topbonus elite members and Lufthansa’s elite members a status match with an offer to upgrade with qualifying activity.

Since airberlin filed for bankruptcy and its loyalty program, topbonus, filed for insolvency, the airline’s frequent flyers are left with nothing but status. Finnair Plus is now looking to fill the ranks with new members and offering topbonus Silver members and Miles & More Frequent Travellers instant Silver membership.

Additionally, Finnair is offering all topbonus Gold and Platinum members and Miles & More Senator and HON Circle members a chance to move up to Finnair Plus Gold membership tier by completing a status challenge. Flyers who earn at least 40,000 tier points or complete 23 flights in the next six months will earn Gold status. Typically, reaching Gold status with Finnair requires double the tier points or double the segments, but in double the time.

To register for the status match, you must enroll in the Finnair Plus program and provide proof of status with either topbonus or Miles & More as well as a copy of your mileage summary with the respective program for the last 12 months. The campaign does not provide an end date and “is valid until further notice.”

Finnair is a member of the oneworld alliance — home to airberlin, so it’s no wonder the program is now chasing after the topbonus elites. It is possible that other airlines bite and jump on a chance to gain more elite members with more status match offers.

As a reminder, airberlin is still operating flights, but any earning or redeeming of miles has been suspended. Airberlin’s co-branded credit card no longer earns miles either.

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