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Fiji Airways Offers Business Flyers Option to Dine Before Their Flight

Passengers flying on Fiji Airways’ business class product will soon be able to get their meal well before their aircraft takes to the skies. The airline announced the start of “Dine on the Ground” options for premium flyers departing from the carrier’s home airport in Nadi, Fiji.

When flying, getting a bite to eat can be a difficult proposition. But Fiji Airways may have a solution for business class flyers with a “Dine on the Ground” menu. On its website, the national carrier announced a new meal plan for travelers in the forward cabin leaving Nadi International Airport (NAN).

On select international flights, travelers with a business class ticket will be invited to stop for a meal at the Fiji Airways Premier Lounge prior to takeoff. Breakfast includes a full bakery, barista-made coffee and made-to-order breakfast items. For dinner, flyers can get a full meal designed by a rotating selection of chefs with bar service or mocktails.

The move comes as passengers change their habits while flying. According to New Zealand news website Stuff, 31% of Australian flyers don’t eat on the flight and would rather work or sleep. Because of this, over one-third of food loaded aboard aircraft are dumped.

With the “Dine on the Ground” option, the airline hopes to save food from being wasted due to uneaten meals, while improving the customer experience on multiple facets. Fiji Airways managing director and CEO Andre Viljoen told Stuff the change could also improve the digestive habits of those in transit.

“The movement and irregular nature of travel makes it much harder to digest food properly. Try to eat a decent meal a good one to two hours before travelling. Once on the flight, eat very lightly,” the executive said, as quoted by Stuff. “By dining on the ground before take-off, you’re giving your body enough time to digest the food – meaning you’ll be more comfortable and more likely to sleep.”

The “Dine on the Ground” option is available on select flights departing Nadi, including those departing to Australia, New Zealand, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Traditional business class meals remain on all other flights.


[Featured Image: Fiji Airways]

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navigator4309 July 25, 2019

100% ^. There is no "option" here. If you miss a connection, are late getting to the airport or don't want to arrive particularly early (which is meant to be one of the time-saving aspects of flying business), or if you simply aren't hungry in the lounge, too bad; no on-board meals. This is a massive downgrade and, as far as I know, a first among full-service carriers worldwide. Some of these flights are 6 hours long.

Sydneyberlin July 24, 2019

Don't take their spin on this cost-saving measure. 'Dine on the ground' my backside, that's called lounge food and should be standard on any business class ticket anyway. Essentially they're cutting the proper meal service on these flights which is just appalling in my views. I actually had gotten excited when I saw you could already book LA flights on their coming shiny new A350 aircraft next year and almost made a booking when I saw this nonsense about not food on the plane. Nope- I won't be going with them again unless they change their minds about this.