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Fewer TSA Agents Means Delay for Fourth of July Travelers

Get ready for your Fourth of July travel by preparing for extra time at security checkpoints — though officials say that security wait times won’t be increased that much, even though about 350 Transportation Security Administration have been relocated from airports to the United States-Mexico border.

So far, about 350 Transportation Security Administration employees have been sent to the United States-Mexico border to assist there, though officials at the TSA say that the deployment likely won’t affect wait times over the Fourth of July weekend that much. So far, at least, it hasn’t had much of a significant impact.

“This is a temporary measure,” David Pekoske, the chief of the TSA, told USA Today. “We don’t anticipate this would be a long-term measure, [but it will be fine] for the next several months.”

About 12.1 million people will head through security checkpoints at airports over the weekend, so be sure to leave extra time for security regardless. Sunday is expected to be the busiest day.

The employees sent to the border will likely be replaced by contractors at some point, but before then, the TSA says the number of employees sent down could top 650 people. The workers are down at the border performing non-law enforcement duties alongside the Department of Homeland Security employees.

“TSA, like all DHS components, is supporting the DHS effort to address the humanitarian and security crisis at the southwest border,” TSA spokesperson James Gregory told New York Magazine. “TSA is in the process of soliciting volunteers to support this effort while minimizing operational impact.”


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Flight44 July 4, 2019

TSA. Thousands standing around. They do so little, it’s hard to imagine them doing less.