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FBI: Jet Blue Passenger Arrested for Starting Onboard Fire

A JetBlue passenger was taken into custody after being accused of using a cigarette lighter to ignite blankets and damage the aircraft during a recent flight .

A passenger aboard a JetBlue flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Mercedita Airport (PSE) in Ponce, Puerto Rico is facing federal charges after allegedly starting an on-board fire. According to the FBI, Idializ Gomez was arrested when the flight landed at PSE and charged with “destruction of aircraft or aircraft facilities.”

Agents at the FBI field office in San Juan report that “during the flight, Gomez utilized a lighter to ignite and successfully damage two blankets and a portion of the in-flight control panel of the seat next to hers.” Passengers traveling on flights that depart from US airports are permitted to carry one cigarette lighter as a carry-on item. Gomez is accused of taking advantage of that allowance to use a lighter to ignite the blankets and cause damage to the aircraft once the plane departed JFK.

The flight was able to land safely without further incident at PSE. Gomez was quickly taken into custody by local police before eventually being handed over to FBI agents.

According to the FBI, if Gomez is convicted of the violation of Title 18 USC Section 32(a)(1), she could face up to 25 years in prison. The case will be prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Seth A. Erbe in federal court.

Airline officials confirmed the Tuesday morning incident, but declined to elaborate on the circumstances. ”The incident is under investigation and we are cooperating with law enforcement,” JetBlue said in a statement reported by ABC News. ”Additional inquiries should be directed to the FBI.”

[Photo: JetBlue]

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viajero boricua September 9, 2016

Wonder if the hour of the flight (this was a late night JFK-PSE flight) or drug use (even alcohol or prescriptions) had anything to do with it... (just pointing something logical adding that these incidents aren't to be taken lightly).