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FBI Arrests JetBlue Passenger for Throwing Drink, Attacking FA

On Monday, a JetBlue passenger was arrested by FBI agents upon landing at Orlando International Airport (MCO) after after an alleged incident in which the woman threw an unopened can of orange drink at a flight attendant’s head due to the fact that the aircraft was out of the drink she’d expected.

According to investigators, the flight attendant “was unable to perform his/her duties because of the injury and in fear of Francis, who continued yelling throughout the remainder of the flight.”

To read more on this story, go to Click Orlando.

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mvoight July 31, 2018

Agreed- Visa or greencard should be revoked and she can stay out of the US

awayIgo July 3, 2018

Released to never be seen again. She should not be allowed entry to the US in the future. Let someone fly her back to the DR and that is that. Afterwards, she should not be allowed on American airlines--any of them. If she wants to get off her island-she can swim! I am so tired of these self centered people who are incapable of dealing with something not going their way. Can you imagine if it was something important--not a stupid can of soda. What would be her reaction then?