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Father of Germanwings Pilot Denies Suicide Claims

Guenter Lubitz, father of Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz, denies that the pilot deliberately crashed a flight in France two years ago, killing himself and the other 149 people aboard the flight. Prosecutors in the case previously ruled that Lubitz crashed the flight on purpose due to suffering from an undisclosed mental illness that included psychosis and suicidal ideation.

“He had no reason to plan and carry out suicide, let alone take 149 other people with him,” Lubitz said. “There were obviously things that were not even discovered, perhaps because they did not want to find them.”

To read more on this story, go to Daily Mail.

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ioto1902 March 25, 2017

That reminds me the father of a jewelry robber (shot while fleeing) saying : "he is not a bad person, he just needed money." Yeah. right. Like everyone else.

Sydneyberlin March 24, 2017

"Friends and relatives all cannot believe that he could have done such an awful thing and neighbors described him as a nice person." Have heard this before? Yep, exactly. Not worth the story imho!