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Famous Archer Finds Luggage Lost by Southwest Thanks to AirTag and Fans

When your luggage is lost by an airline, who can truly help you? When a famous archer had her luggage lost by Southwest Airlines, the internet came to her rescue.
Note for the future: Always drop an AirTag in your bag. Next time it gets lost, report it to the airline and then turn to Instagram for help.


An archer made famous for her footwork did just that to retrieve her bags when Southwest Airlines claim they couldn’t be found – despite the fact they were stuck in Kansas City.


Social Media Fans Help Reunite Archer with Her Bows

Orissa Kelly makes her money with her bow and legs as one of the most accomplished foot archers in the world. According to her account on TikTok, the performer was traveling from Kansas City International Airport (MCI) to Nashville International Airport (BNA) aboard Southwest Airlines, checking her archery bag. While she made it safe to Music City, her archery bag did not arrive.


She says when she went to file a claim with the airline, a Southwest employee told her that it was hopelessly lost and could not be recovered. Instead of being reunited, she would need to file a claim for reimbursement.


The airline didn’t know that the bag had an Apple AirTag in it, allowing her to locate the bag back in Kansas City. She claims she tried to call Southwest multiple times, but nobody was willing to help.


@orissakelly Shoutout to my incredible followers that helped out today. Not cool @Southwest Airlines #fail #airport #drama #lostluggage #southwestairlines #ohno #fyp ♬ Oh No – Kreepa


With information in her hand and resolve, Kelly turned to social media to ask for help. She made a plea on her Instagram account asking for anyone who works at the airport for help. Her request was answered by a “ton of followers.” Working with one of them, she was able to pinpoint the exact spot where her luggage was at the airport and get it on an airplane to Nashville.


In her TikTok short, she was thankful to her followers for helping, and slammed Southwest for not helping her despite having helpful information. She blamed the airline for missing a show and her pay for that appearance, as well as not reimbursing her for airport parking for the multiple trips she needed to make.


AirTags Becoming More Popular for Luggage Recovery

This is not the first time in 2023 a flyer credited an AirTag for getting luggage back. In January 2023, one flyer recovered her bag from United Airlines after the carrier told them they could not get the luggage back.


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