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Family Booted From Lounge Due to Minnie Mouse Shirts

Despite paying £170 for access to the Aspire Lounge at Manchester Airport (MAN), flyer Emma Raikes and seven of her family members were initially refused access due to their matching Minnie Mouse T-shirts, which the family worse in anticipation of their trip to Walt Disney World. The family was allegedly refused entry due to a violation of the lounge’s dress code, though they were allowed in on the condition that they all wear jackets.

“The member of staff who dealt with the family was wrong to have asked them to cover their personalized T-shirts and has misinterpreted the dress code. We sincerely apologize to the family for this genuine mistake,” said a spokesperson for Swissport, the company that owns the airport lounge.

To read more on this story, go to Daily Star.

[Photo: Manchester Evening News]


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flyingill August 9, 2018

Worse= wear Also you should not be wearing a matching shirts in the airport Though you should never be denied access because of it.

AlwaysFlyStar August 17, 2017

'Despite paying £170 for access... Emma Raikes and seven of her family members' £170 for 8 people? I realise it is not the point of the story, but that seems rather more reasonable than I would have expected.