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Family Accuses Jetstar of Racism After Cabin Crew Denied Them Boarding

A passenger whose family was denied boarding on a Jetstar flight from Sydney to Gold Coast is seeking over USD $7,000 in compensation. Vala Setareh says that the airline racially discriminated against his relatives on a service last spring. The airline said that the group ignored boarding instructions.

A Jetstar passenger is seeking AUD $10,000 (USD $7,034) in compensation from the carrier amid claims that he and his family were not allowed to board a flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast earlier this year, Daily Mail Australia reports. The incident, which occurred on March 18th, involved Vala Setareh and his wife, Dr. Dona Hooshmand, as well as their children and a grandparent.

According to the outlet, Setareh states that an argument began when staff members refused to offer the family assistance upon attempting to board. He has also stated that the group had their boarding passes taken away and were told to move aside while other travelers were allowed to get on the flight.

While their boarding documents were eventually given back to them, the family were informed that they still would not be able to get on the flight.

The family protested Jetstar’s stance, but the carrier did not relent and summoned local police. Eventually, the group was forced to book their return flights with Virgin Australia.

Setareh complained to Jetstar after the incident and, in response, the carrier offered a refund of AUD $444.49 (USD $312.70). It also covered the difference of AUD $295.51 (USD $207.88) between the group’s original tickets and those booked via Virgin. In a further move, Jetstar also gave the family a voucher worth AUD $500 (USD $351) and offered an apology for the group’s “negative experience.”

However, Setareh refused Jetstar’s offer.

In a letter to CEO Gareth Evans – an extract of which has been quoted by the outlet–Setareh said, “It is mind boggling that your organization tolerates its staff publicly humiliating its customers, without any consequences for the persons responsible. The managing crew member completely overreacted and it can only be concluded that her actions were racially motivated.

However, a spokesperson for Jetstar told the outlet, “The customers repeatedly refused to follow the instructions and were abusive towards our cabin crew when boarding, which was the reason why they were denied travel. We explained this to the customers at the time and also in our follow up discussions with them.

The safety of our customers and crew is our number one priority and we have zero tolerance for anti-social behavior at airports and on our aircraft,” they added.

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MRM July 11, 2019

I'm with The Bouncer - once the passenger mentioned "overreacted" in terms of the crew, he lost a lot of credibility.

strickerj July 8, 2019

I feel for this guy’s predicament, but - “it can only be concluded that her actions were racially motivated.” - it could have been any number of things. Why do people always jump to this conclusion right away?

RandyN July 7, 2019

I don't believe the passengers, and I pledge my support to any carrier that refuses to apologize and tells passengers like this to sod off and take the bus.

The_Bouncer July 7, 2019

The passenger himself gave it away whey he said "The managing crew member completely overreacted". My question is: overreacted to what? This statement shows without doubt there is far more to this than meets the eye.

mvoight July 5, 2019

If they were abusive to the crew they should not have been giving anything except a refund of the fare paid. I don't quite see how race was involved here, and there is a complete lack of info here regarding this. It is an insult to real racism victims when racism is claimed where it doesn't exist. Neither the FT info, nor the info in the linked news article gives info on what type of assistance was requested nor other info that leaded up to them getting booted off the flight. The story is a bit incomplete