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Factory Explosion Deals Blow to Production Schedules at Boeing & Airbus

Following the Zodiac Aerospace factory explosion, both Airbus and Boeing are evaluating how the incident will affect production schedule.

A factory explosion at a Zodiac Aerospace facility could create production slowdowns for both Airbus and Boeing, leaving both manufacturers to consider how to respond to the situation. The Wall Street Journal reports an explosion at a Newport, Wash. facility could affect the production line of both aircraft manufacturers.

Reuters reports the explosion occurred Tuesday, sending seven facility employees to the hospital. An investigation is taking place, with no preliminary cause determined so far. The explosion rendered parts of the plant unsafe, forcing a shutdown of the plant. The plant is responsible for manufacturing parts installed in aircraft lavatories and galleys.

As the shutdown continues, both Boeing and Airbus are considering how the situation will affect their manufacturing plans. Both manufacturers rely on Zodiac to provide cabin parts, including premium-cabin seats, for their aircraft. Boeing currently has over 5,000 outstanding orders for commercial aircraft, while Airbus has over 6,000 aircraft orders pending.

“At this time we are working to determine what, if any, impact there may be to our production system,” a Boeing representative told WSJ. An Airbus representative responded in similar fashion, saying the company will be “monitoring and assessing the situation.”

The situation marks at least the second time in 2015 that aircraft production has been halted by Zodiac. Earlier this year, Boeing was forced to dock two 787 Dreamliners destined for American Airlines in the Mojave Desert while waiting on premium-class seats from Zodiac.

This story has been updated to show the correct number of Boeing’s total outstanding orders.

[Photo: Christopher Demlow via NBC]

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Centurion August 15, 2015

You have to love Flyertalk Members they know their facts and if they do not they get called out

Reikon July 17, 2015

"Boeing currently has 281 outstanding orders for commercial aircraft, while Airbus has over 6,000 aircraft orders pending." Really? The former number doesn't strike you as obviously wrong? I don't see where you got 281 from the site you linked, but it seems most likely their net orders this year or total delivered this year. If you click on unfilled orders, you'll see they have 5689 outstanding orders.