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FAA Will Ditch Donald Trump-Themed Codes in Light of Controversial Remarks

Unhappy with the Republican presidential candidate’s controversial remarks, the FAA is getting rid of the iconic DONLD, TRMMP and UFIRD navigation codes over Palm Beach.

Several of the Donald Trump-themed coordination points at Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) — previously named by an air-traffic controller who was a fan of Trump’s then-popular series The Apprentice — are slated to be renamed. The FAA announced Wednesday that it wishes to choose coordination point names that are “noncontroversial” in the wake of Trump’s recent inflammatory statements regarding Mexican immigrants.

In 2010, the same year DONLD, TRMMP and UFIRD became official navigation points, the then-head of PBI’s advisory committee on noise told the committee that the names made several fliers “offended by the fact that Trump has been memorialized.”

Trump himself shrugged off the renaming, stating that he was not aware of having coordination points named after him in the first place. PBI’s other navigation points, IVNKA ONE and BUFIT ONE, were named after Trump’s daughter Ivanka and musician Jimmy Buffett, respectively.

Trump is no stranger to conflict with the Palm Beach airport, having filed several lawsuits regarding the flight noise above his property in Mar-a-Lago, but there appears to be no love lost in the renaming of the coordination points. At the time of reporting, it’s unclear when or what the FAA will rename the codes.

“Because of the charting cycle, the updates could take several months to take effect,” said FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown.

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krisk13 July 14, 2015

Open Jaw, SimonB77 - Travel is supposed to broaden your map, making one more open-minded. There are bad people in every culture, stereotyping the bad behavior borders with racism. Trump is an arrogant, racist billionaire. period. Just for giggles, go to a carribean resort - who is the most loudest, rudest and most obnoxious? Would it be fair to paint "most" of vacationing americans that way?

bnarayan1511 July 13, 2015

rac·ism (rāˌsizəm); noun The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. ----------------------------------------------- Many white Americans commit heinous crimes... I didn't heard Trump condemn all Americans. Any time you generalize and condemn a whole class of people based on the actions of a few, you are the textbook definition of a racist. If you think Trump's comments are not racist, then you are part of the problem.

SimonB77 July 11, 2015

Yes his comments were not racist. But people love to stir up controversy. Especially when it involves someone with lots of money and fame. Spain just recently changed their immigration policies to protect their own people. But I haven't heard one person call them racist yet.

Open Jaw July 10, 2015

Trump did not say anything racist. He only stated the facts that millions of illegals have raped, robbed and murdered while in the U.S. Facts are facts. Don't like it? Too bad! His statements were proven correct and factual with the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco a week ago.

krisk13 July 10, 2015

@starflyer..Ummm..they are reacting to trumps racist remarks, not illegal immigration.