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FAA Unruly Passenger Reports Climb to 2,500

Even though the Federal Aviation Administration took a “Zero Tolerance” stance against badly behaved passengers, the number of cases continues to climb. In their latest report, the agency announced they have received over 2,500 reports of bad behavior, with the majority based on face mask issues.

Despite the Federal Aviation Administration’s “Zero Tolerance” stance against flyers and threats of fines, its become clear that passengers are unphased by the penalties. In their latest report, the FAA notes they have received around 2,500 reports of unruly passenger behavior, with 1,900 being over the face mask mandate.

Flyers Continue to Fight Against Face Mask Mandate

In many parts of the country, states are starting to reduce face covering rules for those who have been fully vaccinated. According to the latest data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, nearly half of the American population has received one dose of the vaccine, while nearly 39.3 percent are fully vaccinated.

However, the face mask mandate aboard public transportation has not been lifted. Earlier in May 2021, both the FAA and the Transportation Security Administration reminded flyers that face coverings would still be required in airports and aboard commercial aircraft until further notice.

Yet, the issue of wearing a mask while on an aircraft remains a major issue. The roughly 1,900 complaints about face covering non-compliance represent 76 percent of all received by the FAA.

The agency isn’t the only one working to stop the problems. The latest data from the airlines shows they have collectively banned over 4,000 passengers because they refuse to comply with the safety requirement. The bans are in effect until the CDC rules that face coverings no longer need to be worn on flights.

New Round of Fines Brings Total Proposed Fines Over $350,000

In the announcement, the FAA also proposed fines against five more flyers, ranging from $9,000 to $15,000 for egregious behavior ranging from refusing to wear a face covering, to assaulting flight attendants. With the added cases, the total proposed fines has grown to over $350,000 since Dec. 18, 2020.

Tailgater June 1, 2021

So many selfish and cowardice reasons given for not getting vaccinated. This doesn't require a lot of bravery but quite a few Americans can't pull their own weight. They figure it's a choice and screw working as a team America. I imagine some/a lot of these, were they drafted into military, same would go AWOL once shooting started. What cowards these people are.

VRFast May 26, 2021

sfoeuroflyer, totally agree with you. We (the vaccinated informed fliers) shouldn't be forced to "protect" the anti vaxers by wearing a mask. I'm sure the people who cannot get the vaccine, parents of children younger than 12, etc. have the intelligence to mask up if they are concerned with getting sick. In my office us vaccinated folks no longer have to wear a mask. Hopefully the government will reconsider this silly rule in the transportation world soon, don't wait until September, after the summer rush.

sfoeuroflyer May 25, 2021

There is an elephant in the room. Yes, there are unbelievably goonish Americans out and about. Those scenes of fights in the MIA airport reflect poorly on where we are as a supposedly civilized nation. However, I wonder how much the mask fetish is contributing to discord on the planes. Our vaccination program has saved us. If a person is vaccinated being around other people poses a lesser risk than the flu....truly. Lower risk of getting the disease and if there is a rare breakthrough it falls somewhere between a cold and a mild flu. Hospitalization or death cease to be meaningful risks. This we know beyond debate at this point. Further we are at the stage where anyone who wants to be vaccinated can get the shot. The public health worry is now wasting vaccine. So exactly whom is being protected with mask theater? The un-vaccinated? They are people who now can be seen as having made a deliberate choice not to get the vaccine and a further choice to travel. Why should vaccinated people be obligated to protect those who choose not to protect themselves? Honestly the stress goes away. The aviation mask mandate makes things worse. If we can go to indoor restaurants without masks (and we can and do happily) and plane is a better environment because of superb air circulation and filtration. In short we are making things worse with the masks and provoking bad behavior.

MRM May 25, 2021

The mask thing is silly. NOBODY is entitled to fly, yet so many feel they are too important to follow the rules. Keep upping the minimum fines to 5 figures AND actually enforce them - then a lot more of the stupid people will comply or go broke ignoring the rules.