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FAA Threatens United With $435K Fee for “Not Airworthy” Plane

Due to United Airlines’ use of what the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has described as a jet that was “not in an airworthy condition,” the agency is threatening the carrier with a $435,000 fine. The FAA claims that mechanics employed by United replaced the Boeing 787’s fuel pump pressure gauge in 2014, but did not conduct inspections to ensure the part’s functionality until 19 days later.

“We immediately took action after identifying the issue and are working closely with the FAA in their review,” said a spokesperson for United Airlines, stressing that the airline’s top priority is the safety of its passengers and crew.

To read more on this story, go to ABC News.

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Flyer1M June 1, 2017

Continental should have gone it alone.

edgewood49 June 1, 2017

AND UA complains about the ME3? Who wants to fly UA anymore? A once proud airline slowly dying. They should sell or break it up and sell routes