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FAA Grounds Trump’s Jet

FAA inspectors have grounded Donald Trump’s private Cessna jet, which has been flying with expired registration since February 1. “F.A.A. inspectors have contacted the chief pilot of N725DT about the aircraft’s expired registration,” said Laura J. Brown, a spokesperson for the F.A.A.“The aircraft owner is currently working with the F.A.A.’s Aircraft Registry and will reregister the aircraft before further flight.” Hope Hicks, a spokesperson for Trump’s campaign, has confirmed that the renewal process for the Cessna is almost complete.

To read more on this story, go to The New York Times.

[Photo: Eric Thayer for The New York Times]

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UncleDude April 22, 2016

As with everything with TRUMP I guess the geriatric 757 with the foreign manufactured engines [ I only buy US Products ] Is just all show. Understand that his high profile 757, only the engines are of value, the rest is like him, Virtually Worthless Sham.