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FA Helps Land Plane After Pilot Passes Out

In an incident that took place on October 11, 2016 on a flight belonging to German airline TUI, a flight attendant was forced to help land the aircraft after the co-pilot fell unconscious mid-flight. Information surrounding the event is just now being made public as the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation has finished looking into the case.

The co-pilot allegedly suffered from low blood sugar and, once the stewardess helped the captain of the flight take control of the aircraft, they were able to land safely with 190 passengers onboard in Mallorca.

For more information on this story, visit RT.

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weero March 30, 2017

That is the very reason to have to pilots in the cockpit, so when one gets incapacitated, the other one can safely land the plane. Flight attendants, cleaners, and passengers are not required to execute this one century old plan. Or did the captain not want to switch seats and deploy the landing gear? What was her role?