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Fired FA Allegedly Earned $650k Having Sex With Flyers

An unnamed flight attendant was reportedly fired from her job at a Gulf carrier after her side job as a mile-high prostitute was exposed.

According to Saudi Arabic language newspaper Sada, as reported by DailyMail, there is still money to be made working for the airline industry. Unfortunately, one flight attendant is accused of taking extreme measures to bring home big bucks at her job with a Gulf carrier.

The report highlights the story of a flight attendant who claims to have supplemented her paycheck to the tune of more than $650,000 over two years by turning tricks on the international flights she was working. The industrious airborne sex worker is said to have preferred to ply her trade on flights between the Middle East and U.S.

A source told the newspaper that the unnamed crew member was fired after being caught in flagrante delicto with a client in the lavatory of a recent flight to the U.S.

While certainly not as lucrative an endeavor as the seriously expensive in-flight entertainment allegedly offered to passengers, this isn’t the first time that flight attendants have reportedly turned to the sex trade to supplement shrinking airline salaries.

Earlier this year, a Japanese magazine exposed an illicit but organized system where flight attendants provide sexual favors to pilots in exchange for cash. The magazine reported that crew members can earn between $450 and $750 for their services. The trend is said to have expanded to include high-end escort agencies that specialize specifically in providing flight attendants for clients.

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ZEPCAT October 7, 2015

Should be an airline where the mile high club is acceptable. Sorry this stewardess got caught, probably broke the boredom of long flights for those who could afford it. Seems as though our anal attitude about sex still prevails. Or possible airlines know they can't get a cut of the booty.

ellis01 October 7, 2015

Who says there aren't FAs that still focus on customer satisfaction?

flyguy October 7, 2015

Wow, I thought that was only in my dreams.

Guvner067 October 6, 2015

An FA on Qantas once offered me sex for $500. I told her I wanted at least $750.

Boggie Dog October 5, 2015

Gives a new meaning to IFE.