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Expired Passport? Fedex Will Ship You a New One in 24 Hours

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Have you checked on your passport and its expiration date lately? If not, and you suddenly discover that you have a trip booked for dates when your passport is expired, fear not. There’s a new service from FedEx that allows you to get a new passport in just 24 hours—but beware: it’s definitely not cheap.

If you’ve ever forgotten about an expired passport, you know the trauma it can cause—canceled trips, anxiety, and possibly a ruined vacation. But now the more forgetful among us have a backup plan to fall back on: FedEx.

The shipping company has recently partnered with RushMyPassport to get a new passport within just 24 hours. You can do it on FedEx’s website or in a FedEx store, and you can get a brand new passport, a replacement passport, new photos, and children’s passports.

“Routine passport processing can take weeks, which can mean the difference between enjoying that dream vacation you’ve spent months planning or canceling it,” CEO of RushMyPassport Mosie Miller said in a statement, reported by Yahoo News. “You also have to factor in the possibility of issues with documents you finally receive in the mail, causing further delays and even more headaches. The combined service offering of RushMyPassport and FedEx Office helps travelers overcome these issues, giving a smooth and secure way to handle passport needs.”

But you should know—it’s not cheap. Passport application processing for the 24-hour service will run you $449. If you want rushed shipping, that’s another $90. And that’s on top of the $150 government fee for the document.


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