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Exclusive Security Lines for Women Only Launch in China

Chinese authorities have announced this week that the country’s airports will now have an exclusive female security line, the New York Times reports. Beijing Capital International Airport has officially launched women-specific lines after a three-month trial and the cities of Shenzhen, Kunming and Wuhan have done the same.

Bright pink lines mark the way with a sign of “Female Only” in both Chinese and English. The government argues that women want to avoid being frisked by men. In the women’s lanes, the security guards are all women. They also claim that women carry personal cosmetics which take more time to inspect, which may in turn cause delays in security lines.


According to the New York Times, this new policy “follows an impulse in official circles these days to shield women from degrading or hostile experiences” — which some see as a revival of paternalistic customs. Although some may view the new policy as anti-feminist, many women are pleased by the new feature, saying that the segregated lines move faster than the unisex ones.

[Photo: Getty Images/AWL Images RM, Bejing TV]

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IanFromHKG May 30, 2016

I have been to any number of airports where there are non-segregated lines, but there are both male and female staff available for pat-downs. What's wrong with that? I am all in favour of equality - but that's the point. EQUALITY. Why should women get preferential treatment? Sorry, ladies, but the flip-side to gender equality and anti-discrimination is - well, gender equality and anti-discrimination. Don't treat me worse just because I'm male, thank you very much.

maygarish May 26, 2016

I think this is wonderful. The women don't feel discriminated against, everyone is happy, and both lines are functioning perfectly. A wonderful example of separate but equal, which America, in its great politically correct mandated stupidity, cannot seem to get straight. Not being groped waiting on a security line is a nice bonus, too.

KRSW May 25, 2016

So...what if someone in China associates with being a woman? I think we know what would happen.

tanja May 24, 2016

What is so offensive with this ? That no men can pat down women ?

77W_12A May 24, 2016

Nothing wrong with that. Ever been to South Asia or any Muslim country for that matter? They have women only lines.