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Exclusive Leaked Video: Shocking Moment as Flight Crew Punches Airline Employee

A tipster sent FlyerTalk video of a disturbing incident that occurred on September 14 at Denver Airport.

In this short clip of security footage, a male employee of Republic Airways walks down the jetbridge and spits on a female employee. The woman slaps him in self-defense as he continues to approach. He then punches her twice, once in the stomach and once in the head. According to a statement from Republic Airways, the individuals involved in the video were dismissed.

We have included the video, however, its contents are difficult to watch and may be triggering for some viewers:


This incident occurred on a layover and no passengers were present. The flight was eventually delayed to the following day and all passengers were provided with customer service. Both employees were arrested.

This security footage was shared with FlyerTalk by an individual who claims to be investigating the matter and wishes to remain unnamed. FlyerTalk reached out to Republic Airways for a response and they had this to say:

We are aware of a situation that occurred last month involving two of our employees. We investigated this matter and took appropriate action consistent with our belief that such behavior is unacceptable. These individuals are no longer employed at Republic.

At the time of this incident, Republic Airways was operating this flight as a codeshare with United Airlines.

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KRSW October 13, 2019

I don't see where the guy's spitting on her. However, no reason for him to be punching on her.

alexmyboy October 10, 2019


gmt4 October 9, 2019

All the assault stuff aside...I didn't know there were cameras in the jetway

Etheereal October 9, 2019

Well you fellas are quite quick to infuriate and get mad, without knowing what happened. If you dont know, stop JUDGING.

NonnaGoes October 9, 2019

I don’t get why she was fired. He spit on her. If that doesn’t deserve a slap, what does?