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FA Who Witnessed Death on BA Unable to Work, Lawsuit Says

A flight attendant formerly employed by British Airways says she was unable to work after witnessing a refugee’s death at the hands of guards.

A former British Airways flight attendant claims she can no longer work because she witnessed a flyer’s death and is taking a guard company to court over the incident. Louise Graham, 54, is seeking over $150,000 from British guard company G4S Care and Justice Services, alleging psychological trauma from the 2010 incident.

According to Graham, she was working as a flight attendant aboard the aircraft transporting Angolan deportee Jimmy Mubenga from London Heathrow Airport (LHR). While boarding, Mubenga began to struggle with the guards escorting him, which broke out into a fight. Graham claims she witnessed the incident, including the point where three guards allegedly grappled him to the floor.

During this time, attorneys for Graham claim she heard Mubenga say, “They’re killing me,” followed by claims he could not breathe. Mubenga was eventually subdued and handcuffed to a seat, leading Graham to believe Mubenga had given up. Instead, Graham claims she witnessed the deportee nearly doubled over in the seat.

Mubenga later suffocated to death, leading to an inquiry three years later discovering the deportee was unlawfully killed during the struggle. As a result, Graham claims she has been struggling with feelings of being in danger and powerlessness. Attorneys are seeking compensation from the guard company involved for what they say is “nervous shock” and psychiatric problems.

In November 2013, the guards involved were found not guilty of manslaughter in Mubenga’s death. An attorney for G4S claims the company is not responsible for any damages to Graham.

[Photo: Evening Standard]

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SeatOfMyPants October 2, 2015

So who told her to watch?